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Automobile spare parts for Volvo comprise Wikingerparts’ core business.

30 years of handling the different Volvo models and their individual parts have given us the know-how to manage even difficult spare part requests. The knowledge of the product, including which changes it has undergone and which comparable products are on the market, is often a key factor in finding you the correct spare part.

Wikingerparts offers genuine Volvo spare parts, with more than 80,000 items available at all times.

Our automobile spare parts are delivered by DPD and UPS into 30 different shipping zones within Germany and all other European countries, as well as 3 world-wide shipping zones comprising a total of 177 countries. Under shipping and shipping costs, we provide detailed information as to where we deliver and at which costs.

Because of War, Violation of Human Rights, Civil War or Violation against Freedom of Press we do not trade with: Afganistan, Belarus, China, Congo, DR Congo, Iran, Irak, Myanmar, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, South-Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela, Yemen

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Team Wikingerparts: Top: Gert Waldorf, Customer support, Bottom f.l.t.r Frank Weber, Logistics & Shipping • Gabriele Brendebach, Proprietress • Torsten Hoffmeister, Products & Systems

New Depot 2017
New Depot 2017