Should an item be faulty you can make use of the statutory warranty within 24 months of receiving the product. For replacement parts and repairs and professional Costumers, the statutory period of 12 months applies.

After we have received the returned articles, you will receive either credit for the price of the product or a replacement part. Wikingerparts credit notes are effected by means of bank transfer.

Please attach the delivery note when returning a product in order to facilitate the assignment of the article to your customer account. A returned product can take several days to reach us, as the parcel service as well as our inwards goods department require a certain processing time.

How long does it take for a warranty request to be decided?

A warranty request is always reviewed by the manufacturer. This means that warranty inspections require 4 to 6 weeks. We always endeavour to receive the manufacturer’s decision as soon as possible. However, we can only award your credit after the manufacturer has made the decision.

Credit or replacement part?

Automobile replacement parts are often functionally relevant parts and time is of the essence. We will gladly send you an immediate replacement, which will be charged to your account until the manufacturer has approved the warranty claim.

Your warranty request has been approved?

If your warranty request has been approved, you will immediately receive credit for the returned part via bank transfer.

Your warranty request has been denied?

Should your warranty request be denied you can request to see the minutes of examination through us. For discharge reasons, we will return the faulty item to you.